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Bristol Spaceplanes is in the lead promoting a straightforward way of slashing the cost of access to space.   This is to build an airliner that can fly to orbit, to replace today’s missile-like launchers that can fly only once.   With our approach, within 15 years many of you could afford a visit to a space hotel.   The main obstacle is the power of traditional thinking.   So you can help dent the mindset by asking questions and, when you are satisfied with our answers, spreading the message to friends and colleagues.

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Ascender is a small sub-orbital spaceplane designed to use existing technology and to pave the way for later vehicles on our development sequence.

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Spacecab is a fully reusable spaceplane designed to use only existing technology. It is in effect an enlarged and refined Ascender.

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Spacebus, BSP’s second generation orbital spaceplane, is a larger version of Spacecab, itself an evolution of Ascender.

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Would you like a few days in a space hotel?  

Incredible as it may seem, the main obstacle to your spaceflight is no more than, and no less than, the power of traditional thinking in the big space agencies.
To help break this mould of thinking, follow our blog and join our campaign when we launch it!

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There is a straightforward way of slashing the cost of access to space.   This was widely studied some decades ago but never implemented because of the politics of the NASA budget.   Bristol Spaceplanes Limited is now the only company promoting it, probably because the founder is one of the few involved in the 1960s studies who is still active in the field.

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How Bristol Spaceplanes can disrupt spaceflight and how our Ascender spaceplane will open up space tourism so that it’s within reach of many more people

Sunday Telegraph, U.S. and Russian titles cover Bristol Spaceplanes

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Bristol firm enters commercial space race was the headline as we hit page two of the Sunday Telegraph’s business section on 23 February. David Ashford, Managing Director of Bristol Spaceplanes told Enterprise Editor Rebecca Burn-Callander:…

17 movers & shakers that have influenced Bristol Spaceplanes

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This is a list of people whose work has most influenced the David Ashford, MD of Bristol Spaceplanes. It is certainly not intended to be a complete or authoritative record of those who have contributed most to the new space age.

Bristol Spaceplanes in Financial Times, Wired UK, Bristol Post

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Financial Times journalist Jane Wild wrote that Bristol Spaceplanes is ‘trying to develop a spaceplane aimed at making space tourism an affordable reality’.’s Liat Clark wrote an excellent article taking in the view of the UK Space Agency’s Bob Waters.