BSP Managing Director Gives Invited Lecture to IIE

27 October 1998

The Imminent Space Revolution – How the UK Can Take the Lead” was the presentation David Ashford, Managing Director of BSP, made to the Institution of Incorporated Engineers on October 27th. He outlined the potential importance of space tourism, or passenger space travel, in providing the large-scale launch market without which it is impossible to reduce launch costs. He then outlined BSP’s low-risk development strategy for two-stage, horizontal take-off passenger carrying vehicles that has been refined over the years.

The endorsement during 1998 of the feasibility and potential promise of space tourism by both NASA in their report General Public Space Travel And Tourism of which the first reference was to David Ashford’s 1990 book on space tourismand the AIAA have given great authority to Mr Ashford’s work and views on this subject.

This is helping to build the criticial mass of credibility that BSP needs in order to raise funding for its first project, the sub-orbital piloted spaceplane Ascender.

Although the possibility of space tourism is still new to many people, the response from the IIE audience was very positive.