BSP to present proposals at Explospace

10 August 1998

Bristol Spaceplanes Ltd Director David Ashford has been invited by the European Space Agency (ESA) to present his work at the upcoming ESA Workshop on Space Exploration and Resources Exploitation, “Explospace”, which will be held from 20 – 22 October at Grand Hotel Chia Laguna, Sardinia.

David Ashford will present his paper “Space Tourism – The Key to Low Cost Access to Space”, during the session on “Access to Space, Space Tourism and Public Outreach”, scheduled to start at 13.40 on Wednesday 21 October.

Other speakers at the session include Dietrich Koelle of TCS Transcost Systems, and a long-time advocate of space tourism, speaking on “Reusable Launch Vehicles – A Multiple Challenge for Europe” and M Reichert of DLR on “The Future of Space Tourism”.

The invitation to David Ashford to participate in “Explospace” is the first support from ESA for Bristol Spaceplanes Ltd since 1994 when it commissioned the pioneering study: “A Preliminary Feasibility Study of the Spacecab Low-Cost Spaceplane and of the Spacecab Demonstrator” under ESA Contract No. 10411/93/F/TB.

David Ashford’s speech will feature Bristol Spaceplanes’ Ascender Mach 4 rocket plane, which is the leading European candidate for the $10 million “X Prize” contest to reach an altitude of 100 kilometres and will provide a good opportunity to hear the concept presented and discussed in a professional context.