Investment Opportunities

Our aim is to transform spaceflight into an everyday business, with a new golden age of science and exploration and with brief trips to space widely affordable and visits to space hotels available to middle-income people prepared to save.

The current market problems

Current methods of space travel use throwaway launchers and are too expensive to create an affordable service for the mass market.

The Solution

To use 100% reusable aeroplanes that can fly to space (spaceplanes) rather than the throwaway launchers in present use. These can take off and land on conventional runways, and can reduce costs by 99.9%.

Reasons To Invest

Make History

Everyday access to space will be a major breakthrough for humanity.

Make Money

A small investment now will greatly increase the value of the company, by enabling us to highlight the worth of our IP.

Original spaceplane design philosophy aimed at aviation safety standards. (Enabling us to leapfrog Bezos & Branson using only proven technology).

Designs based on projects widely studied in the early days of spaceflight, considered the obvious next step, but not yet built.

The founder of BSP is the only person to have worked on these projects who is still promoting spaceplanes of this kind.

Several key conceptual innovations.

What makes us different

Early Market Potential

2.5 Million

No. of people per year who would purchase a ticket to space

£10 Billion

Market Value


Number of spaceplanes required

Spaceplanes utility & revenue streams

Orbital Tourism

Est Revenue p/y

20 (£bn)
Suborbital Tourism

Est Revenue p/y

20 (£bn)
Government Flight Exploration

Est Revenue p/y

10 (£bn)
Satalite Launch

Est Revenue p/y

5 (£bn)

What would the investment be used for?

BSP needs the £850k funding to build a full-scale mockup of Ascender, to act as a proof- of-concept, showing that the spaceplane is a viable route to pursue.

Once created, this should serve as a great platform to gain further investment from either another investor or an established company.


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