New book released on space flight

22 April 2003

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22 April 2003

Contact: David Ashford, Bristol Spaceplanes Limited, 3 Forest Hills Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4DN UK

David Ashford, Managing Director of Bristol Spaceplanes Limited, has just released ‘Spaceflight Revolution’, a new book that explores the future of spaceflight. Mr Ashford details the low cost, safety, and reliability of the vehicle destined to replace the ballistic rocket – the spaceplane.

‘Spaceflight Revolution’ describes the enormous economic potential of a new generation of passenger-carrying reusable launch vehicles: space can truly become available to most people by replacing expendable vehicles with spaceplanes. Or, as Mr Ashford himself puts it, “Imagine how much motoring would cost if automobiles could be used for only one journey!”

Mr Ashford draws upon his years as an aerospace engineer to address why the spaceflight revolution has not happened to date. He explains, in plain language, the technical feasibility, safety, and economic benefits of these vehicles. Entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and futurists alike will find ‘Spaceflight Revolution’ a must for their bookshelves.

‘Spaceflight Revolution’, ISBN 1-86094-325-X (softback), ISBN 1-86094-320-9 (hardback), is published by Imperial College Press and is now available in book stores. For more information see: