What would it be like to go into space on the Ascender?

8 January 2015

What would it actually be like to go into space on the Ascender? Wonder no more, as we’ve described the Ascender flight experience below…

Travel to the airport

To take your flight, you’ll need to visit the airport. Just like any other plane, the Ascender takes off and lands at an ordinary airfield.

Take off

The Ascender carries one pilot and one passenger – you. Once you are strapped into your seat your pilot will take off using the turbo-fan engine and climb at a subsonic speed to a height of 8km. Once at 8km, the pilot will start the rocket engine, to rapidly climb at Mach 3 up into space.

Looking back at the earth from space

Now you’re in space, the sky will turn black (even in daytime) and you’ll be able to see that spectacular view you’ve always dreamed of – the earth from space!


Next, your pilot will put the Ascender into a steep dive, and you will experience two minutes of weightlessness.

Flying home

Once you reach the atmosphere, your pilot will pull out of the dive and fly you back to the airfield where you took off. In the space just 30 minutes, your life will have changed forever –  you will have been to space.

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