Sunday Telegraph, U.S. and Russian titles cover Bristol Spaceplanes

7 March 2014


Bristol firm enters commercial space race was the headline as we hit page two of the Sunday Telegraph’s business section on 23 February.

David Ashford, Managing Director of Bristol Spaceplanes told Enterprise Editor Rebecca Burn-Callander:

“I am one of the only people still alive who remember the original plans. Back then we were all looking at reusable launchers. But those studies were shelved because of politics. The Cold War space race between the US and Russia had kicked in and everyone was focussed on ballistic missiles. But these designs have never been bettered.”

We have also featured in the media elsewhere in the world in recent weeks. Russian tech title wrote:

[Ashford] predicts that by 2030 the cost of a ticket on a spacecraft could be around 35,000 euros, against 50 million now.

If your Russian language skills are not quite up to your space knowledge, you can read the article thanks to Google Translate.

Finally, last night Huffington Post travel blogger Sam Faktorow published an article mentioning us, entitled Five Travel Destinations From This Year’s Oscar Hits.